Continuous Improvement and Growth for Everyone

Learning is a continuum and a process.  Educators,  like doctors and lawyers, are continually practicing their craft.  As society grows and evolves, our educators need the time, supports, and resources to provide the optimal learning opportunities and environments for all students to prepare them for life beyond our school system.  Our educators are continuously engaging in opportunities to support the evolving needs of our students and society.

In-District Professional Learning Calendar
PLCSS Secretary

Laura Maul

Special Services Office

(207) 924-6000 x2316


  • Current Members


    Teresa Brzustowicz (DRHS) Co-Chair

    Melissa Stevens (RVCS) Co-Chair

    Angela Armstrong (RVCS)

    Steve Bell (DRHS – Administrator)

    Corinna Caron (RVCS)

    Stephanie Daigle (RVCS)

    Anne Jordan (RVCS)

    Leighton, Susan (RVCS)

    Michelle Lamoreau (RVCS)

    Robert Mosca (TCTC)


    Lorie Raye (DRHS)

    Nancy Strauch (RVCS)


  • Correspondence

    All Correspondence should be sent to the committee secretary.

    All Forms and Re-Certification Booklets may be obtained at each building office/teacher’s room.


    All forms must be legible, signed and dated where applicable.

    Here are some documents you might find helpful – they can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

    Recertification Application Procedure for Teachers

    Support Staff Course Approval Steps

    Teacher/Administrator Degree Program Steps


    Teachers must submit Professional Certification Action Plans or Professional Renewal Plans at least two (2) years PRIOR to their re-certification date.  Plans are to be approved by the Committee.

    Application for Re-Recertification/Renewal Activities must be submitted PRIOR to the start of activity (courses, workshops, etc.).  Applications must include credits or clock hours and the hours involved.  PRIOR approval will be enforced.  If due to unusual circumstances, time does not permit submission of Application for prior approval, the PLCSS Secretary must be informed prior to commencing any activity.  It is important to read the memo below.*

    Re-Certification/State Correspondence

    Any re-certification information or correspondence from the State should be filed in your re-certification file.  If you receive any correspondence from the State, please send a copy to the Superintendent’s Office and PLCSS.

    New Certificates

    Remember to send one copy of your new certificate to the Superintendent’s Office and one to PLCSS.

    * NOTE:  Prior submission of application for activity must be received by the PLCSS secretary before activity begins.

    The PLCSS would like to prevent problems.  Since the Professional Learning Community Support System started enforcing the Prior-Approval rule for applications for re-certification credits, some problems have occurred.  In some cases teachers have not been informed of the availability of courses, conferences or workshops in a timely manner.

    In an attempt to alleviate these problems, the PLCSS has implemented the following procedures:

    1.  Fill out the application as soon as you are informed.

    2.  If time permits, send it through inter-office mail so that it arrives to the PLCSS secretary prior to the commencement of the activity.  You may deliver the application to the PLCSS secretary yourself.

    3.  If in doubt of a timely receipt, (if on vacation or out of town) mail the application through the U.S. Post Office.  The cancellation will be used to determine if it was sent prior to the commencement of activity.  Applications can be mailed to:


         c/o PLCSS Secretary

         175 Fern Street, Suite 2

         Dexter, ME 04930

    4.  If, due to time constraints, it is impossible to complete the application and forward it to the PLCSS, telephone or email The PLCSS secretary and explain the situation.  They will then present this information at the next PLCSS meeting and the PLCSS members will determine if approval is warranted.  This call/email does not eliminate the completion and submission of the application.  It must be submitted in a timely manner.

    5.  You may also submit your application electronically by downloading the Application for Recertification Activity in  Word format – see below.  Then send it through the inter-office mail or attach it to an e-mail and send it to The PLCSS secretary.

    It is the hope of the committee, that by implementing the above procedures, all applications will meet the requirements of prior approval.

Online Opportunities for District Employees

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Marzano Framework



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